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Download Now Although Lean and Six Sigma appear to be quite different, when used together they have shown to deliver unprecedented improvements to quality and profitability. Tools and Methods for Process Acceleration explains how to integrate these seemingly dissimilar approaches to increase production speed while decreasing variations and costs in your organization. Presenting problem-solving tools you can use to immediately determine the sources of the problems in your organization, the book is based on a recent survey that analyzed Six Sigma tools to determine which are the most beneficial. Although it focuses on the most commonly used tools, it also includes coverage of those used a minimum of two times on every five Six Sigma projects.

Using minitab

While I draw the line at teaching people how to use Minitab, I realized that the QI Macros could help most students figure out what chart or statistic to use.

Team A had also done an improvement project column C. Questions about the data included: What statistical test would you use on this data? What does this data tell you about Team A and Team B? Is Team A's Using minitab representative?

Misc. Minitab Macro Code | Minitab Maestro Each example and exercise is broken down into the exact steps that must be followed in order to take the reader through key learning points and work through complex analyses. Exercises are featured at the end of each example so that the reader can be assured that they have understood the key learning points.
Minitab Macros, Advanced Data Manipulation & Graphing Click OK to return to the main dialog box.

What would you recommend should happen in Team A and Team B? Is the process stable? First, it will choose and F-Test to analyze the variances. Then, because the variances are not different, it will choose the t-test for means with equal variances. After the QI Macros Statistics Wizard has helped identify the right tests, replicate the t-test using Minitab's statistics assuming equal variances.

How to Answer the Question: Team A and B have statistically different call times.

Using MINITAB, Perform the Regression and Correlation Analysis

The variances aren't statistically different. QI Macros can't help you here, but Team A has shorter call times with the improved process, so they should sustain the improvement i.

Team B should replicate Team A's solution to reduce call times. QI Macros will create a moving range mR chart and an X chart notice sheet names at the bottom of Excel's window: The red points indicate that the process is unstable i. QI Macros show additional unstable conditions.

Notice Team A's improvement: Red points show that Team B is also unstable. Then used the insights gained to do your homework in Minitab.All these tools are easy to use in Minitab statistical software.

Histograms: Histograms are efficient graphical methods for describing the distribution of data. It is always a good practice to plot your data in a histogram after collecting the data. This will give you an insight about the shape of the distribution and whether it is normal or not.

Using minitab

Minitab Session Commands Session Commands and the Session Window Most functions in Minitab are accessible through menus, as well as through a command lan‐ guage called session commands. You can use menu commands and session commands inter‐ changeably, or you can use .

Variance is a measure of variability in statistics. In other words, it gives you an idea of how far a data set is spread out. Variance can range from 0 to infinitely large.

A variance of zero means that the numbers in a set are all the same. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Using Minitab By Keith M. Bower, M.S., Technical Training Specialist, Minitab Inc. Frequently, scientists are concerned with detecting differences in means (averages).

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Problem Solving and Data Analysis using Minitab presents example-based learning to aid readers in understanding how to use MINITAB 16 for statistical analysis and problem solving. Each example and exercise is broken down into the exact steps that must be followed in order to take the reader through.

This is a beginner six six sigma yellow and green belt and minitab course, useful if you want a six sigma for dummies type experience. We cover statistics for six sigma, six sigma process capability, statistical process control, process capability (including process capability calculation), and measurement system analysis and evaluation.

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