Topdog software case study

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Topdog software case study

Organization Theory and Design Executive Summary The cases study analyses the organization theory and design approaches used by Topdog Company.

It reveals the way Ari Weiner and Mary Carpenter, the founder of Topdog Company introduced customer relations management applications, which made their Company superior in the market. Additionally, the case study analyzes the ways introduction of organizational theories became effective and efficient in integrating massive amount of customer data.

Topdog software case study

It examines the way Weiner and Mary invented innovative ideas with classic theories that contributed to successful performance of their business. Nevertheless, rapid global expansion is seen as a global disaster but Weiner and Mary first organized a meeting in which they concluded in taking the company into global.

This was done in order to expand their business and increase sales of their products. Lastly, Topdog Company decided to form joint ventures and set up alliances with other foreign companies. The aim was to share the expenses and product distributions as well as share the costs in production facilities set up.

They developed some applications for customer relationship management CMR that proved marketable and superior.

Weiner and Mary designed and developed effective organizational theories that provided highly efficient means of integrating massive amounts of customer data. This made their business expand and increased customer satisfaction as the company integrated major CMR software packages with stand-alone products.

Moreover, Weiner and Mary selected pertinent bits of data, which they later interpreted in a format that provided faster, friendly and well-customized services for their customers.

Draft argues that designing and inventing organization theories is vital because it contributes to better performance and business growth. Therefore, in Topdog Software Company, Weiner and Mary invented innovative ideas with classic or scientific theories that contributed to successful performance of their business.

Weiner and Mary included some partners in the business and they soon captured the capitalist venture thus started gaining more funding. For about one year, the Company had already twenty-eight employees and the sales increased drastically.

However, due to rapid competition from other companies producing similar products, the company started facing challenges in organizational operation and management.

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However, the introduction of international strategy was introduced in order to deal with competition problem. Companies that want to go global should first formulate strategies vital for making them become competitive in the global market. Thus, Topdog Company held a meeting whereby the decision was reached for the company to go global in order to increase their sales.

Rapid global expansion will create a disaster especially when the company has limited resources. This is because it will strain the capabilities and resources of the company.

However, Topdog Company decided to hire someone with fundamental global exposure and knowledge before entering into new markets. Draft argues that global expansion is a necessity for any company that wants to expand and increase sales of their business.

Going global seems to be difficult in the first place because of huge and complex environment. This is because of complexity in dealing with issues of cultural differences, language barrier and other governmental regulations that may make the business quite expensive.

Nevertheless, the only option the Topdog Company can choose is to form joint ventures or set up alliances with other foreign companies. This is vital because Topdog will share the expenses product and service distributions as well as share costs in production facilities set up.

This will be less costly thus giving the Company an opportunity of exploring foreign market thus achieving foreign market experience.

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Although, this will mean that giving some control to powerful partnership companies but lower cost approach strategy will lead to international expansion of business. Moreover, building brand identity and creating customers awareness is crucial because it will enable the company to compete favorably in the global market.

Topdog software case study

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