The lack of privacy in the workplace essay

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The lack of privacy in the workplace essay

Hire Writer Once employees notice that, they are under surveillance they are likely to become irritated and betrayed. Professionalism involves display of interest in the job, good communication skills, work etiquette, accountability and commitment to teamwork.

If both the employer and employee adhere to professional conduct in their respective roles, incidences, which warrant surveillance, would significantly drop. In some instances, some employers rush into surveillance at the slightest provocation and sometimes the fear is not warranted at all.

The lack of privacy in the workplace essay

Majority of the organizations are rushing to install monitoring systems not because of security threats but rather because of technological evolution. Their argument is valid bearing in mind that many organizations are keen to embrace modern information technology for the sake of public relations as opposed to warranted situations.

Revolution in information technology has impacted on professionalism in that employers are more likely to overlook the professional aspect of a decision in favor of technological advantage, which comes with the kind of decision. The most common way this occurs in organizations is whereby the employer or management tracks and accesses employee communication otherwise not meant or directed to them.

This is alarming especially when it is coming in the wake of employee concerns about the advent of one being surveilled against their wish all day long. The prospect of gathering and sharing information amongst departments in organizations has made it easy to conduct business while at the same time cutting cost of communication dramatically.

According to current research findings, it is approximated that most companies save up to 20 percent of operational costs by embracing modern technology.

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This is a significant amount of revenue considering that businesses exist to make profits by embracing effective and efficient technology. This leaves no doubt that effort to embrace information technology as long as it is applied in the right way is welcome.

Despite the ranging debate on the right of employees to privacy, the employers seem to justify their action and every step of it. Before the advent of surveillance technology in the local organizations, the existence of employee theft especially in retail companies and in some key departments in organizations was a common occurrence.

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Employers monitor employees for three major reasons; one legal liability, security, and productivity. All the three reasons put forward seem to be justifiable reasons but there is a need for legislation to govern the process for such legal framework lacks in most of the organizations. Majority of the big organizations in USA have adopted monitoring as way of ensuring security and not mainly for surveillance of employees.

The latter is not a priority but employers cite it as a good deterrent to those employees who may want to misuse company property. Although the main purpose put forward for the introduction of the monitoring system was for the purposes of detecting crime, it is worthy mentioning that employers do use evidence garnered from the cctvs in apprehending workers for gross misconduct in the work place.

No employer will risk their business at the expense of employee privacy. It is therefore worthy noting that, depending on the situation, monitoring employees can be justified as long as it makes business sense.

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These suits tend to fail, however, for lack of an objectively reasonable expectation of privacy. Even with a privacy expectation, if the privacy interest is outweighed by the countervailing legitimate business interests of the employer, the employee still loses.

Firstly, it would be a good idea to explain exactly what privacy is and then discuss the importance of privacy and some of the legal consequences that could arise when violating a patient’s privacy. Do you feel like your workplace is your safe haven? Is your privacy invaded in your workplace?

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