The feasibilty of kamias and calamansi juice as stain removers

This is not an investigatory project because there were no new methods introduced to improve the effectively of Calamansi Citrofortunella Microcarpa in removing stains. Submitted to: Jerick J.

The feasibilty of kamias and calamansi juice as stain removers

Flores Indira P. Salih Amina Shayne B. Halil Richard Bryle P. Taub Giosimon P. Dimaculangan Shaheed A.

Calamansi and Onion

Foot powder relieves itching and absorbs moisture on the feet. It also soothes irritated skin and prevents foot odor by controlling odor-causing bacteria. Applyinf foot powder will lessen the presence of bacteria especially if the powder contains Calamansi.

Calamansi could be a good antibacterial agent in removing bacteria because of its acidic… The Feasibility of Lemon Grass Extract as Anti-Oxidant Not Mine Words 6 Pages The fesibility of Lemon Grass Extract as Anti-oxidant Abstract This research aims to determine the ideal amount of quality effect for using anti — oxidant by getting the extract of lemon grass.

The lemon grasses were chopped at the constant size and pressured afterwards and were tested for their physical appearance and effeitinity.

After the preliminary test in finding out the best insulator for the making of anti — oxidant out of extract lemon grass. Quilla Kenneth Gedeon A. They have been known to cause allergic reactions to most people and chew holes on clothes.

They have been known to contaminate food at the same time infect It with the bacteria they carry. The bacteria they spread in food can cause food poisoning.

The Calamansi and Onion extract as cockroach killer can be possible by the Botanical ang Chemical Properties that can be naturally found within the fruits.

Calamansi have a chemical property called d-Limonene which have the capacity to suffocate and destroy the respiratory tract of an insect.

Blumea Balsamifera (Sambong) Leaves Extract as an Alternative Mosquito Repellent

In making the insecticide,squeeze the Calamansi until the extract reaches the measurement… sip - lemon grass extract Words 8 Pages Presentation, especially theInterview section, and are discussed in more detail below. A creative project demonstrates imagination and inventiveness.

Such projects often offer different perspectives that open up new possibilities or new alternatives. Judges should place emphasis on research outcomes in evaluating creativity.

With these problems, the researcher is motivated to conduct the study to determine the molluscicidal effect of dalandan Citrus aurantium and dayap Citrus aurantifolia fruit extract on golden apple snails Pomacea canaliculata. The researcher believes that this can be of help to the increasing demands the agricultural industry faces.

The feasibilty of kamias and calamansi juice as stain removers

The proponents instead suggest that the owner of the Chinese Orange Calamansi Plantation hire personnel to head of certain aspects of business operation while he works as the overall in-charge.

As previously mentioned, this move is more risky because it has an unlimited liability and in case the business fails, the owner… Calamansi as Stain Remover Words 7 Pages St. Submitted to: Jerick J. Monteza Mr. Almost every household would contain stain remover like zonrox….The Investigatory Project on CALAMANSI as STAINED REMOVER was conduct to determine the alternative product in removing the stain in dress.

This investigatory project research specifically aims: 1. To make an alternative product in zonrox/Clorox in /5(12). Research paper - Calamansi (Citrofortunella Microcarpa) Fruit Extract as Perfume It is also known as Kalamansi in the Philippines.

Calamansi is also used as a stain removal.

The Utilization of Kamias (Averrhoa Bilimbi), Lemon | Bartleby

They conducted this research to protect the hands from the strong chemicals of Zonrox and to make an alternative product for removing stains because Calamansi is. The Feasibilty Of Kamias And Calamansi Juice As Stain Removers.

Comparative Study of Calamansi as a Stain Remover I. ABSTRACT: This is not an investigatory project because there were no new methods introduced to improve the effectively of Calamansi (Citrofortunella Microcarpa) in removing urbanagricultureinitiative.comr, if revisions and . A Study on the Effectiveness of Calamansi & Honey Extract as A Natural Hair Removing Wax.

Scope and Delimitation The scope of the research study was to produce an alternative Hair wax remover from calamansi extract and sugar; it also included the analysis of its effectiveness based on the experiment made.

The Feasibility of Calamansi /5(12). Also known as kalamansi, calamansi, calamondin. 1) Calamansi is processed to juice, concentrate, acidulant for other juices, jellies, jam and marmalade. Heavy stain remover.

9) Peel can be processed to candy (jump here) or . The fruits are often used when Kalamansi, citrus microcarpa Study tested the effectiveness of citrus mcgill initial e-thesis submission oil d-limonene extracted from calamansi () / PhD thesis / University of Glasgow.

(12)The Feasibility Of Kamias And Calamansi Juice As Stain Remover.

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