Spanking and physical punishment essay

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Spanking and physical punishment essay

The most focal forms of corporal punishment are acts that require more than enough force to move the child. Using objects may lean more to the physical abuse than to corporal punishment. Physical punishment can easily be more abrupt and tiptoe along the lines of abuse and serious bodily harm, when a particular object is used.

The use of corporal punishment in children may also results in depression as adults. As a child when you are physically abused it may take a while for you to respond to them, so once you grow older the delayed reaction because a suppression. When the mind suppresses it remembers events of unacceptable things, thoughts or memories from the mind.

How Should Parents Discipline Their Kids? Essay Sample

When the mind relapses on such things it may cause a person to feel alone. Children become emotionally detached from parents who have hit them. This type of things may also bring forth thoughts of suicide. When one feels like they have no one else to turn to they become outcast, no friends, they just want to be to themselves.

But depression can make your mind think things that are ok are really not. Depression of this sort can be contributed by the aggression from hands of their parents. Another result of corporal punishment could be that the child may grow up thinking that violence and love go hand in hand.

Spanking and physical punishment essay

Thus, meaning that if you love them that it is ok to cause physical violence among oneself. Corporal violence also teaches that violence is an acceptable solution to frustration and anger involving people.

Research shows that children who were abused will become more defiant in the future. As they enter the adult stage of life they become violent, destructive and also a threat to society as well as others around them. Effective types of discipline such as, talking to the child and addressing the problem, letting them know what the issue at hand is, and taking away things; like toys, video games and things us such may teach self control, guidance and also molding.

When scolding a child telling them what is and what may not be acceptable could pretty much be enough. A simple raising of the voice or distraction when it comes to infants may also be effective. As parents one must think before they react, be sure of the approach you take when handling kids.

In conclusion, Corporal punishment is an effective form of discipline to a certain extent.

Effectiveness of physical punishment as a behaviour modification. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Strassberg et al. (), indicated that even mild forms of physical punishment, such as. Spanking Can Be an Appropriate Form of Child Discipline Though some contend any form of physical correction equates to child abuse, there is a giant chasm between a mild spanking properly. Corporal punishment is effective in getting children to comply behavior in children, but is also associated with physical abuse. Should parents be counseled for or against spanking? Corporal Punishment Articles Baumrind et al. also conclude that "a high association between corporal punishment and physical abuse is not evidence that mild.

Somewhere between the line of discipline and abuse there is indeed a thin line. Anything can cause pain but not injury. There are other methods of discipline that may be used when it comes to children.

Using physical force is not always the answer. Sometimes hitting a child may cause them to rebel and want to act out. Physical abuse may lead to all types of difficulties when children reach their adult lives.

Things that happen as a child are always in a childs mind. Works Cited How to cite this page Choose cite format:Argumentative Essay: Should Corporal Punishment Have a Place in Education.

” The nation — our pledge of allegiance that we say every day — was founded “under God”, and God says that marriage is between ONLY a man and a woman. Corporal Punishment Corporal Punishment - Is Spanking Child Abuse?

Eng/ 02/08/ Corporal Punishment- Is spanking child abuse? We have all witnessed this classic. Running title: Corporal punishment Corporal punishment is a form of discipline that is deeply ingrained in Western society. The bible reads "he that spareth his rod / hateth his son: but he that loveth him his chasteneth his betimes" (Proverbs, ), and this sentiment is clearly reflected in today s disciplinary styles.

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Essay spanking 1. Poland, Israel, Greece, Denmark, and Venezuela corporal punishment is unlawful CITATION Tos09 l (To spank or not to spank?).

In the United States, corporal punishment of children, provided that it doesn’t result in child abuse or assault, is lawful in all states. along with the papers she used to.

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