Sorrow and excitement in hamlet by william shakespeare

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Sorrow and excitement in hamlet by william shakespeare

The Whole Story It is the middle of a very cold night on the battlements of Elsinore. Bernardo relieves a fellow soldier on guard. For two nights he and another soldier have seen a ghost while on their watch. They've asked Horatio, a scholar who has returned from the University at Wittenberg, to join them and to confront it.

As they talk, the ghost appears again, and they recognize the recently deceased King Hamlet, dressed for war. It stalks away without responding.

We discover that Denmark is preparing for war. King Fortinbras of Norway had earlier challenged King Hamlet to single combat. Not only did King Hamlet kill King Fortinbras, he seized his lands, which should have been inherited by his son, Young Fortinbras.

We also learn that Young Fortinbras has raised an army of mercenaries to recover what his father had forfeited. The ghost returns while they are talking, and Horatio tries to speak with it.

Before the ghost might answer, a rooster crows, and it hastily leaves. They decide to tell Prince Hamlet, the King's son, believing that the ghost will surely speak to him.

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Inside the castle the following day, Claudius, dead King Hamlet's brother, addresses an assembly. Although Denmark has been in mourning for King Hamlet's death, Claudius has become King and married the recently widowed Queen Gertrude, his sister-in-law.

Claudius thanks everyone who has "freely gone with this affair along. Claudius allows Laertes, the son of court councilor Polonius, to return to France.

Both Gertrude and Claudius try to persuade Hamlet to end mourning his father's death, and remain at Elsinore rather than return to University at Wittenburg.

Claudius decides to celebrate Hamlet's decision with toasting and cannon fire. Alone, Hamlet shares his feelings with the audience. The guards interrupt Hamlet, who tell him of their ghostly encounter of the night before. Hamlet questions them closely and asks them to keep the encounter secret.Rich Erlich, Shakespeare Courses /96/98/99, /May06 {StGd Ham.

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Sorrow and excitement in hamlet by william shakespeare

E. B. Du Bois This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost . In a critical attempt to interpret a play of Shakespeare in phenomenological terms, that is, as the source of an intensely integrated psychic experience instead of as a selfcontained artifact with.

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Late in . The Tragedy of Hamlet By William Shakespeare. Background. 1) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern enter the room and Hamlet greets them with excitement. Hamlet makes the two admit that they are spies of the King and then gives them an answer to the burning question: the trouble is, simply put, melancholia.

Hamlet feels sorrow over their grave.

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