Recycle shredded paper

When everyone works together, we can make the best use of our planet's natural resources. When you recycle the products you use every day, like cardboard boxes, milk jugs, and soda cans, you give new life to items that used to be thrown away, saving energy and helping lower greenhouse gas emissions in the process. As North America's largest recycler, Waste Management offers a variety of convenient solutions for recycling items that don't belong in the trash.

Recycle shredded paper

Contact How to Recycle Shredded Paper When you shred paper, it is much more difficult to get recycling centers to accept it. What is the green-minded citizen to do?

But, here is a strange recycling anomaly: When you shred paper, it is much more difficult to get recycling centers to accept it. Old paper gets recycled back into new paper. Anyone who has made paper at home knows that to do it, you create a pulp and spread it on a screen to dry.

While those making paper by hand can get away with using tiny bits in their pulp, mills depend on long paper fibers that will catch and stick to their gigantic screens.

Small pieces are likely to pass through the screens and create a big mess. Speaking of messes, collecting shredding paper can be a nightmare as well. Unless it is well contained in a bag or other receptacle, it will mix with other recyclables in the recycling bin and create a headache for the hauler.

Painstaking hand separation is the only way to untangle it, and even the most dedicated recycling company in the world is not going to pay someone to do that. For that reason, shredded paper has a lower value.

Since it is harder to market, local governments and recycling companies are less likely to accept it. So, what is the green-minded citizen to do? It is a good idea not to shred paper unless it is necessary for confidentiality. Eco-Cycle in Boulder, CO, recommends ripping off the part of the paper with sensitive information and putting the rest of the page in the recycling bin intact.

Did that credit card offer or medical bill come with advertisements or a return envelope? Chuck those in the bin and put only the statement through the shredder. Know someone who is shred happy? Share this handy document from Paper Recycles that describes which items should be shredded and which should not.

Shredded paper recyclers are harder to find, but they do exist There are some good options for dealing with paper that must be chopped into confetti-sized pieces. Shredding companies have to find a way to offload the mountains of paper shards they create. Find out if they recycle and take items to them.

Most work mainly with commercial clients, but they may do events with local governments that are open to the general public or have specified days when anyone can drop off items for disposal.

Another option is to find out if your workplace has a contract with a local shredding company. Since shredding companies may charge by volume, it is a good idea to check with your boss and see if it is OK to bring items from home. Some local governments will accept shredded paper at the curb or at recycling centers if it is bagged.

Unfortunately, most recommend putting shredded paper in a plastic bag, which is likely to end up in the landfill. Some forward-thinking local governments allow people to package the shards in more eco-friendly ways. In San Franciscoshredded paper can go in a bag or a recyclable paper envelope.

These paper products can presumably be recycled at the same time. This can be particularly handy in the summer, when carbon sources like dead leaves are harder to come by. Make sure any paper that goes in the bin is free of plastic, staples and other contaminants.

King County, WA which includes Seattleallows residents to put shredded paper in their curbside composting bin along with vegetative waste and food scraps.

The paper helps absorb liquids and odors. However, few cities seem open to this option at this time. If your community provides green waste containers, check with them before adding paper. Other uses for shredded paper include packing material an eco-friendly alternative to Styrofoam peanutsanimal bedding, kindling, Easter basket grass and, for the crafty at heart, a raw material for making your own paper.

The blog Days of DIY suggests pressing that paper into muffin tins to make tiny cups for starting seeds.Shredded Paper In recycling. Bag long shredded paper in a clear plastic bag and put in the recycling.

In food and yard waste. Smaller shredded paper like confetti and cross-cut goes in the food and yard waste. Too cute! And shredded paper as a crafting material?

That’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas. My little guy, especially, loves shredded paper. Unfortunately, paper shreds cannot be placed in the recycle bin.

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If you put shredded paper in your recycling bin, it will almost certainly end up in a landfill. Why Can’t Shreds Be Recycled?

Most recycling centers don’t accept small strips or bits of paper. Large scale recycling facilities use massive screens to dry pulped paper on, and. explode during recycling.

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recycle lids separately. recycling cart Go bagless. Keep all plastic bags out of the blue cart. Recycle items loosely, without a bag. shredded paper. Drop off shredded paper for recycling at these events. garbage cart chip bags. garbage cart drink pouches. garbage cart. How to Recycle Shredded Paper One of the best ways to avoid identity theft is to shred documents with personal information, such as bills and receipts.

Recycle shredded paper

But don’t shred for no reason, because this significantly reduces the paper’s recycling market. Recycle by Mail Our Recycle by Mail program give you a simple, safe way to recycle CFL bulbs, batteries, paper, plastic and metal without leaving your home.

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Recycle shredded paper
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