Project report on tanishq

He consults an impressive roster of clients and advises them on the most effective digital strategies for their brands.

Project report on tanishq

By Christian Sarkar on February 21, 8: Eliot had his " social function of poetry " and we have social media - YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Could it be that what we celebrate as the art of our times is not Art at all?

At best, our culture has relegated Art to the dubious field of "entertainment" - hijacked from its true purpose, left to serve as a decoration on the public walls of high society museums and the private walls of wealthy collectors.

Project report on tanishq

At best, art is fashion. Innovation is about seeing the world differently. I can think of three reasons: Have a look at this excerpt: But why are artists banished from the Republic? One can argue via Ben Franklin that the last artist was Jesus and before him Socrates.

Who paints our vision for society today? Lady Gaga or our lobbyists? Walker Percy saw the artist or writer as a canary in the coal mine. The artist as prophet. But we are deaf to the canary. By Christian Sarkar on February 20, According to the authors, the big-bang disrupters may not even see you as competition.

Do you even remember Garmin, or TomTom or Magellan? They were all disrupted by the smartphone - with Google Maps leading the way. It has wiped out the wrist watch industry, threatens the digital camera market, the video camcorder market, and even the music and TV industries.

Other examples from the book include: CampusBookRentals and Khan Academy in education, Pandora and Spotify in radio and recorded music, Skype and FaceTime in voice and video calling, and Square in mobile credit-card processing.

Wherever customers are, mobile devices let them search a wide range of specialized data sources--including online sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Amazon, and other free databases of user-generated reviews--to find the best price and quality and the next new thing. Restaurants, for example, now depend on online reservations, customer-generated reviews, e-coupons, and location-based services to drive business.

The crossing-the-chasm story is over. New products are perfected with a few trial users and then are embraced quickly by the vast majority of the market!My interest in Jobs to Be Done goes back to the $ House companies designing products for the poor don't pay enough attention to the needs and outcomes the poor are trying to a separate article, Abhijit De and I explored the ecosystems of poverty, trying to see how poverty is caused by a range of issues that create a vicious cycle of failure and how these problems are.

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Consumers – of all demographics and in all markets – increasingly buy and use products and services from the same mega-brands: Apple, Facebook, Amazon (the technology sector is especially universal), IKEA, McDonald’s, Uniqlo, Nike and more.

CMC Limited was an information technology services, consulting and software company having its headquarters in New Delhi, India. CMC is part of the TATA Group and is owned by Tata Consultancy was incorporated on 26 December , as the 'Computer Management Corporation Private Limited'.

The Government of India held per cent of the equity share capital and owned by .

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