Nonsexist writing a check

The use of Ms. Too often, people substitute Ms. Do not label athletic teams according to gender. Original girl pitcher or lady pitcher pitcher the Cardinals 4.

Nonsexist writing a check

The word "smoking" is generally used to refer to a tuxedo in France. Cour in Quebec is a backyard jardin in Frenchwhereas in France cour has dropped this meaning and primarily means a courtyard as well as other meanings like court.

My boss is constantly commenting on my face and telling me to smile

However, in some areas of France, such as in the mining regions of northern France, cour still means backyard. The word breuvage is used for "[a] drink" in addition to boisson; this is an old French usage bevrage from which the English "beverage" originates. Breuvage may be used in European French, but generally indicates some nuance, possibly pejorative.

nonsexist writing a check

The word piastre or piasse, a slang term for a dollar equivalent to "buck" in Englishwas in fact the term originally used in French for the American or Spanish dollar they had the same value for a long period.

The word couple is used in standard French as a masculine noun a couple, married or unmarriedbut in Quebec it is also used as a feminine noun in phrases like une couple de semaines a couple of weeks.

This is often thought to be an anglicism, but is in fact a preservation of an archaic French usage.

It is quite common in Quebec French to describe something positive using litotes, such as pas laid not ugly for beautiful or pas pire not worst for good when standard French would suggest using the positive equivalent instead. However, Metropolitan French has its own commonly used litotes: Nautical terms[ edit ] A number of terms that in other French-speaking regions are exclusively nautical are used in wider contexts in Quebec.

This is often attributed to the original arrival of French immigrants by ship, and to the dominance of the Saint Lawrence River as the principal means of transport among the major settlements of the region in the past centuries.

French terms in Canadian politics Since Canada uses the Westminster systemunlike republican France, many political terms devised in English have had to be imported or new terms created. This is not always easy, and can lead to awkward constructions, the most famous example being Dominionfor which there is no French translation.

As well in Canadian English the first minister of the federation is called the Prime Minister and the first minister of a province is called a Premier. However French makes no distinction and both are called Premier ministre in all cases.

Blueberriesabundant in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jeanare called bleuets; in France, they are lumped together with myrtilles bilberries and bleuet means cornflower. Bleuet is also slang for someone from Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. Although very similar, these are not the same plants i.

Informality[ edit ] French speakers of Quebec use the informal second-person pronoun tu more often and in more contexts than speakers in France do. In certain contexts it may be perfectly appropriate to address a stranger or even the customer of a store using tu, whereas the latter would be considered impolite in France.

The split often runs across generations in Quebec: Persons between 40 and 60 years of age often feel that sales persons, or service personnel giving them a tu instead of a vous are uncouth or uncultivated. Persons 60 years of age and older will sometimes feel insulted if a stranger uses the tu to them.

Government employees such as policemen or bureaucrats with some contact with the public as well as employees of large stores or large chains in Quebec are usually instructed to use vous with everybody, unless some kind of camaraderie is in play or they know the person well.

Sometimes the split is also across social or educational lines. For instance, young academics are usually hesitant in using tu with slightly older colleagues who have just a few more years of seniority.

A similar distinction in English, where, since the second person singular " thou " went out of use years ago, might be whether to address or respond to someone on a "first-name basis". For example, one might say to a man that one has just met, "Thank you, Mr.A reader writes: I was hoping for your input on something that has plagued me all my life.

I am a woman who has a very masculine/serious looking face that many would consider to . Writing Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for the craft of professional writing, including fiction, non-fiction, technical, scholarly, and commercial writing.

Writing a book which includes sexist characters or cultures does not necessarily imply anything about the author. I will add only one reality check you can do all on.

nonsexist writing a check

The ability to communicate clearly through your writing has become more important than ever in today’s lightning-fast business environment. In fact, hiring managers say they specifically look for people with superior writing skills when they are hiring new employees. Nonsexist Writing Avoid writing that fosters sex discrimination, promotes demeaning stereotypes, or suggests a superiority of or preference for one sex over another.

The careful, thinking writer will express ideas precisely without words or expressions suggesting a sexual bias. Writers and Editors, linking writers and editors to resources (including each other), markets, clients, and fans; maintained by Pat McNees, writer, personal and organizational historian, journalist, editor.

The following is a summary of the gender neutral NCTE Guidelines revised in , by Women in Literacy and Life Assembly (WILLA). It is full of tips to help you keep your writing gender-neutral and avoid sexist language.

The complete document is available from the GenderBender screen of the myWriterTools program, or by clicking here.

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