National science writers conference 2012 may

The conference provided an opportunity for journalists to explore cutting-edge science as well as crucial issues at the interface of science and society. Conference activities were based at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

National science writers conference 2012 may

May Reducing the Time to Grow Good Cryogenic Layers One of the most demanding aspects of preparing targets for NIF ignition experiments is growing the wafer-thin layer of solid deuterium-tritium DT fuel in the target capsule.

Only 69 microns wide — about two-thirds the average width of a human hair — and frozen to Cryogenically cooling the fuel to just below the freezing point of hydrogen, which changes hydrogen's phase from a gas to a liquid and finally to a solid, enhances the density of the fuel and improves the chances of achieving the required density for ignition.

The ice layer takes an average of 14 hours of "script time" to grow, so rejection of a completed layer means at least a half-day delay in the experiment while a new layer is grown.

Space-time plots of a growing ignition-quality cryogenic DT layer and an out-of-spec, or "bad" layer. Time runs from top to bottom. X-ray images can be obtained from three different views of the layer. The use of a series of metrics to evaluate DT layers is expected to cut average layering time nearly in half.

A large effort is under way by NIF target fabrication and cryogenic fielding teams to achieve a higher NIF shot rate through improved engineering, automation, training, and early detection of defective layers.

The Education Writers Association will hold its Higher Education Seminar Sept. on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The theme of this year’s intensive training event for journalists will be “Navigating Rapid Change.”. Every year, the IEEE Communications Society sponsors major conferences that attract hundreds of the best quality paper/presentation submissions and attendees. The 48th EMWA Conference in Vienna will be held on the 7 - 11 May at the Intercontinental Hotel Vienna. EMWA is the European Medical Writers Association, a network of professionals that represents, supports and trains medical communicators in Europe.

Among the techniques being employed by NIF researchers to shorten the time between experiments is the use of x-ray images called "space-time plots" to evaluate the quality of a layer as it grows. Since February, the space-time plots have been employed as dashboards, allowing for real-time decision-making and increased efficiency.

The biennial conference brings together plasma physicists from a variety of fields, including magnetic confinement fusion, inertial confinement fusion ICFspace plasmas, astrophysics, and industrial applications, to discuss mutual problems in the development of instrumentation and techniques for the characterization of high-temperature plasmas.

The Committee, chaired by University of Chicago Prof. These talks summarized a broad range of ongoing national and international collaborations focused on science on NIF. The Committee was enthusiastic about progress to date and looks forward to results from fundamental science experiments at NIF planned for later this year and next.

In a series of five shots, the strength and timing of these shocks was systematically adjusted, demonstrating a significant decrease in fuel adiabat internal energy over previously un-tuned implosions. The impact of the improved shock timing was confirmed in related DT layered capsule implosions, which are described in the second paper below.

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The compressibility of the imploded assembly was inferred from measurements of the ratio of down-scattered neutrons to primary neutrons. Accumulation of space debris has accelerated, increasing the debris in orbit and posing a major threat to space assets.

NASA estimates that there are nearlythreatening-to-catastrophic-event objects. Approximately 95 percent of the tracked objects in low Earth orbit are space debris.

In a presentation at the High-Power Laser Ablation Conference HPLA on May 2, they said calculations show that a ground-based, diode-pumped, gas-cooled multi-slab laser that uses only modest extensions of existing technology, when used with a three-meter-diameter beam director, would be capable of removing most small debris from low-Earth orbit.

national science writers conference 2012 may

Such a laser would also be capable of moving large debris into orbits that avoid high-value satellites and of removing large debris from orbit by illuminating the debris over several encounters. To date, only systems developed for inertial confinement fusion are close to meeting the requirement for beam directors of reasonable size.

The laser design proposed uses diode-pumped, neodymium: Moses was recognized for "outstanding technical leadership of the construction, completion and use of the world's largest and most energetic laser system, the National Ignition Facility.

About 80 members of the National Ignition Campaign and Stockpile Stewardship teams and the fundamental science user communities discussed the development of new diagnostics and plans for converting existing equipment from other high energy density facilities for use on NIF, with its higher energies and radiation levels and larger target chamber.

Hosted by Joe Kilkenny, the workshop discussed NIF's future diagnostic requirements and the state of readiness of proposed diagnostic technology to meet those requirements. Diagnostics Workshop attendees listen to a presentation. Measuring Hohlraum-produced Fast Ions In inertial confinement fusion ICF ignition experiments, "hot" high-energy electrons produced by laser-plasma interactions are energetic enough to penetrate the ablator material in the target capsule and deposit energy in the cryogenic fuel, which increases the fuel adiabat internal energy and thus reduces fuel compressibility.


Understanding hot electron production and preheat is therefore critical for achieving ignition. The first measurements of fast ions produced in indirect-drive hohlraum experiments and their relationship to hot electrons were described by MIT and LLNL researchers in a Physics of Plasmas article published online April 30 http: In experiments at the OMEGA laser facility at the University of Rochester, the researchers observed protons in two energy regimes associated with different fast-ion production mechanisms.

In both cases, runaway electrons set up a strong electrostatic field that accelerates the measured ions.

Fast protons with energies fromtoelectron volts were observed in both vacuum and gas-filled hohlraums. Lead author Alex Zylstra, a Ph.

The students are the first to participate in a new NIF Ph. Rinderknecht, Rosenberg and Zylstra are also working on different NIF nuclear diagnostics and analyses.National Geographic Education brings geography, social studies and science to life.

Using real-world examples and National Geographic's rich media, educators, families, and students learn about the world and the people in it. ScienceWriters is a meeting for science writers, by science writers. Join us in Washington, D.C., for professional development workshops developed by the National Association of Science Writers, briefings on scientific research presented by the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, and lab tours and science field trips organized.

* National Education Computing Conference * National Science Teachers Association Conference ethics, math, finance, and so on. (I originally was a business education teacher and have presented at the national conference in the past.) It really is a worthwhile conference to attend.

The 48th EMWA Conference in Vienna will be held on the 7 - 11 May at the Intercontinental Hotel Vienna. EMWA is the European Medical Writers Association, a network of professionals that represents, supports and trains medical communicators in Europe. November 16, Winners of the National Book Awards Announced.

On November 14, , at a ceremony held at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City, the winners of the National Book Awards were announced in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, translated, and young people’s literature.

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