Microsoft excel workbook

How to use shared workbooks with different versions of Excel Content provided by Microsoft Summary This step-by-step article explains how to share a Microsoft Excel workbook with other users. If you want several users to work in the same Excel workbook simultaneously, you can save the workbook as a shared workbook.

Microsoft excel workbook

Excel shared workbook: How to share Excel file for multiple users

Workbook object provides the same members as a Microsoft. Workbook object from the Excel primary interop assembly, but it adds the following features: Use this property to add smart tags to a workbook.

Use this property to get the underlying Microsoft. Workbook object for a Microsoft. In application-level projects, you can create Microsoft. Workbook objects programmatically by using the GetVstoObject method.

Microsoft excel workbook

In document-level projects, you typically do not use Microsoft. Instead, use the ThisWorkbook class to programmatically access the workbook in your project. The ThisWorkbook class derives most of its members from the Microsoft. This class redirects all calls to its members to an internal implementation of the Microsoft.

Workbook interface in the Visual Studio Tools for Office runtime. For more information, see Programming Document-Level Customizations. It is not intended to be implemented in your code.

Usage This documentation describes the version of this type that is used in Office projects that target the.

Microsoft excel workbook

NET Framework 4 or later. In projects that target the. For documentation about this type in projects that target the.Sep 25,  · You save an Excel workbook to a network drive on which you have restricted permissions. You save an Excel workbook to a location that does not have sufficient drive space.

The connection to the Excel workbook is lost. There is a conflict with an antivirus software program. You save an Excel workbook that is shared.

Apr 15,  · To do this, For all other Excel versions, click File > Options > Advanced, and under Display options for this workbook, and make sure the Show sheet tabs check box is selected. or Try to save the file to your computer desktop, open Excel in its safe mode and then try to open the file by clicking ‘File’ > ‘Open’.

Apr 15,  · Hey people, I am working on a Word macro that must select a specific range in an Excel Workbook to use this range as reference inside the Word macro. I was able to make the macro work, the only problem is that the Excel Workbook is already opened (and it must stay like that), and the code that I got always open the workbook again.

Apr 16,  · To make changes to a shared workbook that was created in Microsoft Excel 97 or a later version of Excel, you must use Excel 97 or a later version of Excel.

Specifically, even if a shared workbook that was created in Excel 97 or a later version of Excel is saved as an Excel 95 workbook, the workbook cannot be shared. rows · Gets a number that indicates the version of Excel that the workbook was .

How to remove users from a shared Excel workbook.

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Sharing an Excel file for multiple users can result in many conflicting changes. To avoid this, you may want to disconnect certain people from the shared workbook.

To remove a user from a shared workbook, do the following: On the Review tab, in the Changes group, click the Share Workbook button.

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