Marketing marks and spencers essay

It also accepted the return of unwanted goods, giving a full cash refund if the receipt was shown, no matter how long ago the product was purchased. It has now adopted a day returns policy. The company put its main emphasis on quality, but for most of its history, it also had a reputation for offering fair value for money. Paul Myners was appointed Chairman in and was replaced by Lord Burns, a prominent figure in the City and a former permanent secretary to the Treasury.

Marketing marks and spencers essay

This study will attempt to find the factors responsible for the declining sales in clothing and the rising growth in food of Marks and Spencer, and hope to shed some lights on which areas the company should focus on to fix this decline in sales.

The paper will be analysed in two sections: Introduction Established inMarks and Spencer has grown from a single-market company to a multinational corporation that has many branches around the world, including in England, the United States, and Thailand www.

Not only has the year-old corporation expanded across the globe, but it has also increased its product diversity as well. Ficenec also added that the decreasing sales in the clothing department has been going on for up to three years.

As of latethe sale of food accounted for more in the total sales of clothes, with 55 percent against 45 percent respectively Ruddick, For the clothing department, this event could be classified as relative product failure Dibb et al.

Though one may argue that the drop in sales might be an industry trend for that year, Primark was found to receive a 5 percent like-for-like increase in sales during this time Ruddick, The study is divided into two discussions of the factors affecting the sales slump in clothing and will discuss the factors affecting the rapid growth in sales for the food department.

Elements analysed in this paper include marketing variables, such as: Finally, a conclusion on the relevance of the examined factors towards the sales diversion will be made.

A good marketing strategy should be drawn from market research and focus on the right product mix in order to achieve the maximum profit potential and sustain the business. According to the Business Dictionarythe marketing strategy is the foundation of a marketing plan.

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Established in by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in Leeds, the company became the first British retailer to make a pre-tax profit of over? It has delivered to more than 30 countries from its UK site and has 8 International websites and UK stores www.

Marketing marks and spencers essay

Methodology This study took place in Middlesex University on the pre-sessional programme in August It was completed by a group consisting of three people from the pre-sessional course, these were: Mohammed, Maram and Buk. It also offers a wide range of products such as food or clothes.

Once we had selected this company, we performed research in the library to find out the factors that made sales grow for Marks and Spencer, and why this was greater for food than clothes. After that, the researchers interviewed others at Middlesex University.

We performed secondary research by using websites and search engines, like Google scholar. We also looked at a database of Middlesex University as well as library catalogue to find sources that were related to our research and supported our ideas towards answering this question. We found many credible sources such as journals articles, books, newspaper and website.

Findings The researcher explored for sources that would be useful for this report. Three articles were found that are used in this report and were widely useful because they provided updated information. Further information was extracted from the company website, which was cited as particularly useful for historical information about the company and its origins, and also its subsidiaries.

Moreover, it was found that book were used to provide general information and the views of academic sources.Marketing essay on: Customer Satisfaction – Marks and Spencer Introduction & Company Background It is one of the UK ’s leading retailers that is well stylish and provides high quality great amount of value in terms of clothing and other products with respect to the global suppliers all around the world.

In this report I aim to examine Marks & Spencer's current business strategies, and prove their success in business by conducting various audits. I will be. MARKETING We have selected Marks and Spencer Plc for the study purpose: Marks & Spencer Plc is a British retailer, with several branches outside of the UK - Marketing Marks & Spencer introduction.

It is one of the most widely recognised chain stores in the UK and is the largest clothing retailer in the. The essay analyzes the marketing in the fashion. Base on company website, Michael Marks and Tim Spencer established Marks & Spencer (M&S)—the largest clothing.

Marks And Spencer Strategy Analysis. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Last Edited: Marks&Spencers is a leading retailer of clothing, food, home ware and financial services.

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Product category extension As well focusing this branding technique upon the garments, Per Una has also created their own electrical range of products.
Marketing Export: Marks and Spencer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - words It is due no later than the 6th May The plan is an expansion of a previously constructed development analysis of the country.
Fashion Marketing and Advertising. Marks & Spencer Essay Customer Satisfaction — Marks and Spencer Marketing essay on:
It is due no later than the 6th May The plan is an expansion of a previously constructed development analysis of the country.

CCVE Consultancy has structured an International Marketing Plan for Marks & Spencer in Russia. The plan is an expansion of a previously constructed development analysis of the country. The main focus is to create a successful strategy with regard to the marketing mix, which is to be supported by clear, SMART objectives and tactics that .

Marketing marks and spencers essay
Marketing essay on: Customer Satisfaction – Marks and Spencer