Law student cover letter internship

These scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and an application is required. Typically, special scholarship applications are available in late spring and are due one week after the end of the spring semester.

Law student cover letter internship


Undergraduate and Law Internship Opportunities The New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice offers undergraduate and law students the opportunity to participate in an unpaid internship during their Fall or Spring semesters or during their Summer break.

Undergraduate or law students will be supervised by a Detective or a Deputy Attorney General, respectively. An Assistant Attorney General will have overall supervision of the program.

Law student cover letter internship

Undergraduate interns will be exposed to a variety of investigative aspects for the interdiction and prosecution of violations of criminal law, which will enhance undergraduate studies in Criminal Justice or related forensic or technical fields of study.

Law interns will be exposed to a variety of substantive areas of New Jersey criminal law, and are expected to have excellent legal research and legal writing skills.

All interns are expected to have outstanding interpersonal communication skills.

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Applications for the Internship Program should be submitted according to the schedule below:Download our High School Student Cover Letter and get great tips on how to write an effective cover letter with little to no work experience.

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If you are an undergraduate or law student, and would like to be considered for a position in the Internship Program, applicants are required to submit a completed Internship Application, cover letter, resume, and most recent grade report (law students should also submit a legal writing sample and current unofficial transcript).

Your career starts right here, right now.

Applicants should review the Division of Criminal Justice website. Template for motivational letter for an internship. Letter of motivation form for intership. Lear how to write bes motivational letter for an internship.

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