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The web has revolutionized book publishing and promotion, and brought it within reach of anyone with an idea.

Jottify writing a check

Next Is this section of my book any good? This is the 3rd version!: So this is where it all ends. It seems that everything I've ever loved and hated, and the ones that loved and hated me, have gathered in my head.

I'm finally ready leave it all behind and start a new life, with a new name. My name is - or was Tamara Ocean Rose Yates. But using my initials I have crafted an alternate me.

Someone who's a survivor. Someone who has the ability to take every trouble imaginable, and simply brush it aside. I look down at my feet and let out a long sigh. I draw my new name into the snow with my shoe. I smile - something I haven't been able to do in a very long time.

It feels like I haven't smiled since my parents died on my thirteenth birthday.

jottify writing a check

They had never had the time for birthdays. They had been on a business trip in Bordeaux when some drunk lorry driver had overturned and crushed the small, white convertible that they had been driving.

My mum was pronounced dead at the scene. My dad died in the ambulance. I should be being looked after by my twenty-three year old brother Tyler, but he got married and never returned from his honeymoon.

Now I've been left with my half-deaf gran who seems to think its my fault for 'scaring' Tyler away. I watch as the train pulls up alongside the lone platform at Bleakwood Village station. There's no shelter or canopy so my black, wavy hair is covered with snow.

My white leather jacket and pale skin are almost like camouflage. My short skirt makes me look out of place as its hardly the right weather for short skirts. I board the train and stand awkwardly by the door despite the available seats. I've always had a fear of sitting down on trains.

The doors shut with a hiss and the train lurches slightly as it leaves the station. I glance out of the window and see the reflection of my light blue eyes.

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I close them as a drop of water from my snowy hair runs down my forehead. I wipe it away and then take another look out as I leave Bleakwood Village behind.

I opened my eyes, suddenly aware that I had just turned thirteen. I wondered why my bedroom door was still ajar - just as I had left it before falling asleep. There was no light coming from the hallway. I quickly dressed then headed downstairs.Unbound is a crowdfunding publisher that gives people the tools, support and freedom to bring their ideas to life.

Posts about true story written by Sue. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of. Jottify has been greatly shaped by its users since it started just under a year go. I would say it’s most easily described as the Deviant Art (or Flickr) for writers.

It’s a place for people to share their writing, critique and discover other writers, and distribute their work in ebook formats. I haven't inhaled tobacco smoke for more than three months at the time of writing - hooray for me.

(Actually, it will always be 'more than three months' won't it. something for everyone. I have decided to 'release' my works on a regular basis on Jottify and build a portfolio with a view to publishing at some dim and distant point somewhere.

jottify writing a check

For more on the announcement, check out the Inside Flipboard blog. There’s a lot of great writing on Jottify and one of the big challenges is curating it so that it’s easy for people to find great stuff to read.

4 Sites For The Aspiring Author & The First Book He Wants To Publish Or Sell. Email You can start using the site’s writing tool to create your first ‘bestseller’ and come back to it when bursts of creativity hit you.

(which is also in print, even in this digital era). Also check out Red Room (there are some big names on there.

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