Interview with a csw

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Interview with a csw

Foundation Failure Remedies and Causes - Top 5 Foundation Failure may occur due to many reasons, starting from the bad soil condition to Structural faults, but among the many few are much more important than other, and also at the same time they are much more easy to control.

The way how a foundation fails if known properly then their remedies can also be found, and the reasons stated below are of self explanatory nature in how to prevent failure of foundation.

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Now let us start one by one and also built some concept about them. Failure of Foundation due to exceeding of Bearing Capacity of Soil: This Bearing Capacity is the factor upon which the size of the footing in terms of its size as Length and Breadth or Diameter depends.

If the Bearing capacity of soil is low or load acting is heavy and we put a footing size comparatively small than what is required then the result will be that the load intensity i. Safe Bearing Capacity is nothing but Ultimate Bearing Capacity divided by a suitable factor of safety generally ranging from 2 to 4.

Moisture withdrawn can happen in many ways a By Pumping out water from the adjoining well b By Dewatering adjoining Pond c Lowering of Ground Water Table previously which was very near Interview with a csw the ground. Suppos for an example there is a pond full of water adjoining to a building, and you are dewatering that pond, then the following things will happen leading to the failure of foundation of the adjoining building.

It is very much dangerous as the withdrawn of moisture in the above phenomenon may not be same at all points around and bottom of the foundation and will lead to Differential Settlements which is very much dangerous.

It is many times due to the above phenomenon seen that floor cracks, Roads collapses hen an adjoining water body is being dewatered.

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Failure of Foundation due to Differential or Unequal Settlement: First of all we must understand what is Differential Settlement? When the portion of the soil underside a structure subsides or settles in different magnitude under different places of the structure causing the supported structure also to subside along with the soil is known as the Differential Settlement or Unequal Settlement.

Now as due to this different magnitude of settlement at different portion of the structure occurs or in other words one portion of the structure settles more or less than the another point it creates a huge amount of diagonal stress to be induced into the structure due to the super structural load as they tend to settle along with the soil on which it rests.

Interview with a csw

These Diagonal Stresses so induced results in cracking. Crack so develop may be very wide also and may go on increasing as the settlement goes on continuing.

This leads to the instability in the structure and ultimately Collapse or Failure of the Structure. I know you are not understanding what I was trying to say, Okay lets make it simplified with an example.

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Now, Uniformly progress and pattern of construction means that all columns should be raised simultaneously, and step by step construction should be done simultaneously at all parts. It should not be non-uniform like say out of 40 columns you are founding 25 columns or so haphazardly at different locations, and then raising only those up plinth beam, then upto lintel bottom and son on, and after those you are starting construction by founding of remaining 15 columns.

Failure of Foundation due to Movement of Adjoining Soil: This may happen if excavation has been resorted to very near an existing foundation, like in case of a new building is being constructed just by side of an existing building structure. This siyuation can be prevented by providing adequate numbers of Sheet Piling along the sides and upto certain depth below the deepest point of the shallow foundation, so that even the soil from the below the foundation cannot escape away, in fact move.

Please leave your comments.In a Forward to the book it could be mentioned that while “Rick” is a newbie in scn, the descriptions of the more advanced parts are included as an aid to understanding the scn procedures. Foundation Failure may occur due to many reasons, starting from the bad soil condition to Structural faults, but among the many few are much more important than other, and also at the same time they are much more easy to control.

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