Horizon offshore inc essay

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Horizon offshore inc essay

Colossal environmental damage caused by the oil spill has continued since this incident dominated headlines around the world. British Petroleum, the oil giant that operated the rig, has come under relentless public pressure and mounting criticism Horizon offshore inc essay its ineffectual handling of this ecological tragedy.

Even now, hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil are spilling into the ocean each day and are carried inward by currents to delicate marshes and wetlands.

The coastal wetlands already suffer from overpopulation, pollution and lingering effects from Hurricane Katrina.

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It will take years for us to realize the true impact of the spill on the surrounding ecosystems. Old Technology Unfortunately, the United States coastline is no stranger to catastrophic oil spills.

Although the BP spill is now the largest ever, the previous holder of this dubious distinction was the Exxon-Valdez spill of Currently, BP is implementing crude and outdated methods inherited from past spills for the offshore cleanup.

There are three conventional methods that are used widely to collect or clean up oil from water: BP has employed hundreds of vessels, including some of the largest skimmers in the world, to skim the surface of the water and manually collect floating oil.

Although this method works well in calm, isolated water, strong ocean currents largely render it ineffective. BP also uses centrifuges to separate oil from the gathered seawater. However, these centrifuges have varying efficiency in removing the oil, making this a rather costly procedure in terms of time, effort and money.

In a more extreme attempt to remove the oil, BP is burning large areas of oil on the sea surface. This releases greenhouse gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides and methane into the air.

The thick black clouds are then carried into the lungs of workers and residents in the coastal communities.

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People with asthma or serious heart problems are particularly susceptible to the toxic burn-off. Tragically, large numbers of marine wildlife that live near the water surface often are corralled into the areas demarcated for combustion, and are, quite literally, burned alive.

The third main method BP is using to clean up oil involves sprinkling large amounts of chemical dispersants by boat, aircraft and workers on the shore. Dispersants cause the oil to break up into smaller droplets, which become miscible in water.

However, these dispersants may result in more ecological harm than good. The chemicals contain nonbiodegradable toxins that can kill fish and migrate great distances.

Dispersants also are blamed for the massive oil plumes several hundreds of feet underwater, harmful to all aquatic life, especially fish larvae and filter feeders.

Moreover, because of the large volume of oil that has been spilled, the amount of dispersant required and the amount of oil dispersed simply suppresses the problem, rather than solving it.

The most high-profile and promising new technology available to clean up the oil spill is bioremediation, which potentially could remove the oil in a harmless manner, from even the most intractable and messy environments, where it has sunk into beaches and mangrove swamps, and even in underwater oil plumes.

Some naturally occurring microbes that process crude oil are known to exist in the ocean.

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However, the amount of oil gushing into the ocean as a result of the BP oil spill is far more than the natural habitat can handle.Essay on The Deepwater Horizon Offshore Oil Rig Bp 's Risk Management - Before the Deepwater Horizon incident, Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP has made the following statement in the company’s annual report regarding the needs of risk management, “Risk remains a key issue for every business, but at BP it is fundamental to what we do.

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Horizon offshore inc essay

I. Introduction. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, also referred to as the BP oil spill, occurred on April 20, and is considered the largest marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry.

2) Economic Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Part II—Moratoria is an overview of the economic repercussions of the deepwater drilling moratorium and the de facto shallow water moratorium.

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