Hca 322 week 4

Review each of the four commonly used consent forms listed below and select one for use in this assignment:

Hca 322 week 4

In your initial discussion post, address the questions associated with your assigned option. You must use at least two scholarly sources in your post.

Respond to at least two classmates using the required response prompt for their option e. Your initial post should be at least words; your response post should be at least words.

Patient Rights-Euthanasia For this option, you will take a look at the ethics surrounding euthanasia intentionally ending a life to relieve pain or suffering and the right to live versus right to die arguments that were present within the Teri Schiavo and Karen Ann Quinlan cases.

Then, research and discuss the topic of euthanasia. For your initial post, pick one case either Teri Schiavo or Karen Ann Quinlan and one side of the argument either right to live or right to die and explain how you would have handled this particular case differently in order to protect the patient.

Your initial post must be a minimum of words. Option 1 Required Response: Each response must be a minimum of words. Research and discuss physician assisted suicide. Pick a side on this argument and explain why you selected that particular side using scholarly research to support your decision.

Explain how this view would address the case of Dr. In your post, explain whether you believe Dr. Kevorkian was a hero or a murderer? Remember, there is no correct answer to this question Your initial response should be at least words.

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Option 2 Required Response: Explain how this approach would affect the outcome for Dr. For example, if your classmate responded that Dr. Kevorkian was a hero, respond to their post by explaining the reasoning behind the view that he was a murderer and what that would mean for him.

What are the ethical principles behind this point of view? Your response must contain at least words. Research and discuss electronic health records EHR. Explain how EHR are intended to protect the patient. Discuss any barriers that may prevent necessary protections.

Option 3 Required Response: In what ways could this be better or worse than paper records?HCA Week 4 Assignment Issues for Health Care Professionals.

Hca 322 week 4

For this assignment, you are to summarize the unique ethical and legal issues that a health . DQ25 HCA Week 4 Discussion 1 Ethical Resource urbanagricultureinitiative.com (Preview File Here) ocate funds for the MRI unit that is barely hanging on for million and repair the Ambulance area for 25 million.

To round out the budget I would use the last 55million for training needs for the nursing staff. Euthanasia Assisted Suicide DebateRichetta ButlerHCA Health Care Ethics & Medical Law (BTCA)Instructor: Jennine KinseyDate Euthanasia Assisted Suicide DebateEuthanasia and doctor assisted suicides is an issue that I have by no means had any personal experience with.

My research on the question was appealing and enlightening, but did not change my initial feeling on the topic. hca / hca / week 4 assignment issues for health care professionals Issues for Health Care Professionals Prepare a four to five page paper (excluding the .

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4. Identify and describe the law(s) concerning physician assisted suicide in the state you reside or the state you consider your “home state.” Compare and contrast laws in your home state against either Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act or another state of your choice. HCA Week 3 Assignment Types of Law HCA Week 4 Assignment Issues for Health Care Professionals HCA Week 4 DQ 1 Ethical Principles HCA Week 5 DQ 1 Consent HCA Week 5 DQ 2 Patient's Rights HCA Week 5 Final Paper Do Not Resuscitate Legal and Ethical Issues Diversity and Ethical Decision urbanagricultureinitiative.com the American College of Healthcare Executives (A.C.H.E.) website. Using the Diversity Resources and Ethics Resources links available in the left-hand navigation panel of the site, explore the relationship between cultural diversity and .

Ace your studies with the help of our online Tutorials help. HCA Week 2 DQ 2 Health Care Ethics Committees. H. Asked by hellothereson 2 years ago.

Hca 322 week 4

0 points. List and describe the three best and the three worst attributes of Health Care Ethics Committees.

Do you agree that the expanding use and power of ethics committees helps foster and ensure ethical standards are upheld in the medical profession.

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