Effect of traffic jam

That's when I'm lucky; sometimes it's more like two hours each.

Effect of traffic jam

What makes you such an expert?! Nothing, I am not a traffic professional. Also, I have no academic reputation to defend, so I have no inhibitions about posting my observations and reasoning, flaws and all.

I have the viewpoint of a physicist, not of a traffic engineer. Still, all the material on this website is nothing but speculation and "crazy experiments" performed by a total amateur.

Effect of traffic jam

For info from actual experts, try some of these linksespecially the article in Science News. Wiping out traffic waves is a "theory? My suggestions are based on a large number of actual tests, not on any pre-existing theory. I try various things, then I see what works and what does not.

Remember, I discovered this whole jam-busting effect by accident, when I was trying to drive at the average speed of traffic. Smoothing out the stop-go waves would tend to let a huge space open up ahead of me.

I repeatedly noticed that the big space did far more things than just eating traffic waves. In theory, people will always go around you and fill your space. In the real world something different happens. In heavy highway traffic where all lanes are moving at about the same speed, whenever I bring in a large space ahead of me, a couple of aggressive drivers sometimes merge into it.

Usually they just merge back out again. With aggressive drivers removed, that leaves behind the patient drivers who do not constantly weave and jump lanes. This is how the adjacent rows get filtered, leaving me surrounded with sane and patient drivers.

Monster Jam - Levi's® Stadium

These patient drivers next to me will then act like a "plug". They keep the impatient speeders far behind from getting to my big space. The speeders directly behind me can sometimes pass me The cluster of patient drivers behind me keeps anyone from even noticing the space.

The "plug" can only develop when traffic is heavy. In light traffic, there is no way to preserve a huge space ahead of you. Anyone can easily drive around your car. I think the real issue here is emotions, and "losing" versus "winning.

So, I must never open up a space ahead of me, that just makes me vulnerable. There is no finish line, so any small gains are useless.

I could spend my entire commute trying to get two carlengths farther than everyone else, but it would be stupid and pointless. Two carlengths is only 2 to 5 seconds in my min commute.

We can beat any driver on the road no matter what their skill level Drat, only able to set the clock by 1-min earlier. Does that mean I get to allow thirty cars to merge ahead of me?

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See, this "race" is a bunch of stupid nonsense created by insecure immature drivers. Instead do the opposite: Be the person who "holds the door open for others. Small increases in highway speed can mean minutes saved for everyone.

Let people merge ahead of you whenever they need to, and you become the more professional driver. Also, have you noticed that, during slow traffic, big trucks often maintain huge empty spaces?

China National Highway traffic jam - Wikipedia

No, this never can happen, Never! Because cars will instantly fill any space ahead of the truck!!!Major traffic alert: I ramps in York area will close for repaving; detours in effect Watch for bottlenecks on the mainline of the highway because of the work.

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The Physics Behind Traffic Jams