Catching the spirit of sportsmanship in the american heritage

A baseball A cricket ball Cricket bowlers, since they are not restricted to a small strike zone as their target, also use a wide variety of approaches which are not available to baseball pitchers.

Catching the spirit of sportsmanship in the american heritage

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Catching the spirit of sportsmanship in the american heritage

Although I am a white male so I undoubtedly cannot relate to some groups like the ones based on raceI can't understand any of them. It's nice for a person to respect and cherish their culture, but it's pointless to base your entire personality around it.

After all, it didn't take much work for you to be born African-American, Hispanic, Asian, etc. If a person was really proud of their heritage, instead of spending time in chat rooms with other like members of the race they might research and learn more about their background.

I know a few kids who immigrated earlier in life at school to the United States and they're all fiercely loyal to their home country, but in conversations I have found they know little about that nation. For example, my Mexican friend is always talking about going back to Mexico and loves watching sports, but he doesn't know what year Mexico gained its independence from Spain.

Now, on to the entire inexplainable excitement behind sports. Every year of high school, I have been forced to lose roughly ten hours worth of real education to pep rallies, and students involved in athletics lose many more hours because they get let off early for games and practice.

To begin with, sports shouldn't allow a student to lose one minute of school. The entire point of school is education so that we can learn the skills necessary for becoming productive, tax-paying members of society. Sports do nothing to facilitate that usefulness; no one cares jack in the real world about a kid's sports record, unless he or she is one of the very few who gets a sports scholarship to a college or goes pro.

Some students juggle sports and academics very well but most sports enthusiasts focus entirely on sports.

In my opinion, sports should be banned from public schools completely as not only do they suck funds from academics, they have no positive results whatsoever. What do sports do for a kid? They make him or her athletically fit, but then, so does exercising an hour a day at home.

People can suffer permanent injuries in sports that will flair up and annoy them until their dying day. Sports don't teach individuals sportsmanship or good manners; most schools do nothing but cuss the other our team at games and vice vercaand it's not uncommon for a fight to break out over the outcome of the game afterwards.

But this course of action, in banning sports from public schools, would be much too drastic for some Why to people get so vehement about sports, professionally and in schools? What the hell does it matter whether your team wins or loses?

You're not connected to that team unless you're on the team itself. Most people aren't even consistent and their favorite team is whomever is doing well that season. I've watched a few games of about every sport just to see what the fuss was about and they're simply not interesting most of the time.

People rag on NASCAR for being boring in that it consists of nothing except driving around and around in a circle, but other sports are the same way; there are only so many things that can happen.

In basketball, either the guy runs down the court, passes the ball, blocks an opposing player, shoots, etc.

After a while, you've seen all there is to see. Sports would be awesome if they put landminds and other traps in the field to add some variety. Why do people get excited over sports?

The outcome affects them in no concievable way. I think it's so stupid when a team beats another team and a person that isn't on the winning team, but just supports it, makes fun of a supporter of the losing team like the former had something to do with his or her team's win. Maybe I didn't provide anything insightful, but I really felt like bitching about sports.

I'm going to go take a cold shower. Wow, that's really freaking insightful.An Analysis of A Fraternity as Defined by the American Heritage Dictionary.

1, words. 3 pages. Catching the Spirit of Sportsmanship in The American Heritage. words. 1 page. Edgar Allan Poe's Symbolism of Death in "The Fall of the House of Usher" 1, words. 4 pages. An Analysis of the Poetry of Dave Matthews. The White House meeting came at the beginning of an injury-ridden season that plunged football into the worst crisis in its history.

Twice more in the President intervened, behind the scenes, when lack of sportsmanship appeared to violate the spirit of the White House agreement. This popular cocktail pays tribute to the Norwegian heritage of our legendary namesake, Stein Eriksen.

His favorite drink was the strong, aged spirit, Aquavit. Naturally, Aquavit is . Winning is important in sports, especially in the Olympics, but sometimes, good sportsmanship is more important.

In the Winter Olympics, sportsmanship won the headlines in the two-man bobsled British team was in second place when members discovered their sled had a broken bolt. APRIL 27, Joseph M. Warner Jr. (Joey) Mobile, Alabama [email protected] (search Joey Warner) Hello: The history of baseball in Mobile, Alabama is as traditional as Alabama Crimson Tide football.

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Catching the spirit of sportsmanship in the american heritage
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