Boston college admission essay

The same fiercely-competitive landscape extends to admissions at highly selective and very selective colleges.

Boston college admission essay

Why do people earn what they earn? In response, groups of Asians have filed lawsuits against top schools, including one on May 15 by a coalition accusing Harvard and other Ivy League institutions of using racial quotas to admit lesser qualified candidates over Asians.

Chen founded Asian Advantage College Consulting 20 years ago in response to what he considers bias against top Asian students in elite college admissions. His firm, which is based in Alameda, Calif. She got a perfect score on her SAT, was valedictorian, class president, and captain of the badminton team.

Boston college admission essay

Her father, who asked that the family not be identified, told the Globe that he contacted Asian Advantage when his daughter was a sophomore. He and his wife emigrated from China, and their daughter was born here. Badminton was a no-no on her college app: Too many Asian students play racquet sports.

Ditto for Asian Club. And she was to avoid saying that she was interested in biology or wanted to be a doctor. She was accepted early admission into Harvard. At Boston college admission essay Coach, much of the advice Taylor offers his clients echoes that of Chen.

Boston college admission essay

They want kids who love learning. The Asian controversy is another aspect in the complex and charged debate over diversity and privilege in higher education. Some schools and education advocates say affirmative action and diversity should be defined by socioeconomic class as much as race or ethnicity.

And many also point out that, despite stereotypes, there is wide diversity within the Asian demographic: It was a different story when the parents themselves were applying to college.

In fact, it helped him. Chow and his wife Selina, who is board president of Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, encouraged their children to focus on English, speech, and performance.

At Ivy Coach, some of the toughest work is with the parents. But we always get the siblings and the cousins. The number of high-achieving Asian-American students applying to the top schools has soared in the past decade. According to the Pew Research Center, Asians are among the highest-income, best-educated, and fastest-growing groups in the nation.

But the point raised by the lawsuits is that there are even more qualified Asian students who want to get into such selective schools.


Asians make up about 5 percent of the US population. Is it discrimination or diversity that is bedeviling them? The recent complaint by more than 60 Asian organizations against the Ivies called for an investigation and an end to racial quotas or balancing.

In a lawsuit against Harvard and the University of North Carolina, the nonprofit Students For Fair Admission allege that both schools discriminate against Asian applicants in favor of less qualified African-American and Latino students. The suit cited a Princeton University study of seven top colleges that concluded an Asian applicant needed an average SAT score to be admitted, while whites with similar academic qualifications neededHispanicsand blacks And not all Asian Americans support the legal actions.

Some groups released statements supporting affirmative action. Students are more than test scores and grades. Last year, Harvard had 37, applicants for 1, seats for the Class of ; Stanford chose 2, out of 42, applicants.

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