An analysis of the nathaniel hawthornes novel young goodman brown and the evil that men do

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An analysis of the nathaniel hawthornes novel young goodman brown and the evil that men do

They have been gathered together with an introduction by A F Pollard and and published as Tudor Tracts around The spelling has been modernised, but apart from that they have been printed as they were originally published complete with front covers.

Pollard in an excellent introduction, stresses that these documents come straight from the horses mouth: Their thoughts and descriptions come down to us untarnished leaving it for us to interpret as we wish. We cannot however take everything as gospel, much like the news items of today much of the writing has an element of propaganda.

The Tudors were the winning side in the all important battle to be rulers of England and so it is their views that are expressed in theses largely official documents. The press was largely under their control and so there were few dissenting voices finding their way down the ages.

However the modern reader can make inferences from what is in front of him and sometimes it is what is not said that is just as revealing as what is said. There are 21 of these mostly fascinating documents, along with the dates of the event described, date of composition and date of publication: At various conduits water systems around London a stage was erected for amateur players to welcome the procession.

Many of the speaking parts were by children in a mixture of Latin and English. What is not described is the reaction of the crowds to Anne and her reactions to them, which is in stark contrast to a similar description of Elizabeth I procession described in Not a contemporaneous story but an astonishing one nevertheless.

It describes how a book written on the orders of Henry VIII against Parliaments objections to the Six Articles was lost in the River thames, when a bear bating got out of control. The Royal barge was indulging in bear bating in the river Thames when the bear managed to climb aboard one of the supporting boats causing mayhem for the occupants and the loss of the book.

The bear baiting incident is picturesquely described as is the power politics and negotiations that came afterwards.

An analysis of the nathaniel hawthornes novel young goodman brown and the evil that men do

A journalistic account of the expedition that does not spare the reader the horrors of being caught up in the looting and devastation by the expedition. List of Noblemen who took part. A long rambling introduction giving praise to God and the grace of Duke of Somerset who led the expedition.

When it eventually gets underway it takes the form of a diary and provides an almost blow by blow account of the battles with maps and diagrams. Again the horrors of war are described along with incidents such as the building of gallows to hang disruptive soldiers.

A sketch or one act play involving two protagonists. John Bon is an honest ploughman who comes across a catholic procession and he asks the priest what he is carrying.

The priest replies it is the body of Christ, but Jon replies that it looks like a piece of cake to him. A satire on the catholic sacrements, but without vitriol on either side and they part on friendly terms. This is a first person account of a member of the Gentlemen Pensioners body guards to the king who found himself under suspicion being a protestant in the reign of catholic Queen Mary.

He is put in prison, becomes sick, eventually released and manages to get back his position in the Gentlemen pensioners. A very good narrative history of the rebellion against Queen Mary.Oct 21, Explore Patti Conrad's board "life and books" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Writers, Book writer and Books.

Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try. Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Birthmark: Understanding The Birthmark - The story’s tone is one of romantic controversy, a dilemma at a high level of existence.

Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown" Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story “Young Goodman Brown” portrays the growth of Young Goodman Brown through vivid symbolic setting.

“Young Goodman Brown” is an allegory in which the setting is very important to the theme of the story. One of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s most anthologized tales, “Young Goodman Brown” shares themes and techniques with much of his other work.

. Unfortunately. and for his gothic short story “Young Goodman Brown. but to the Brook Farm project. As it shifted towards Fourierism. which is based in part on his experiences—and his deep reservations—about Brook Farm and the utopian project it represented. the farm made a . With A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man, Joyce took on the solidly traditional novel of education and development and reimagined it in an absolutely new manner that has caused other treatments of this theme to seem shallow and routine.

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