12 angry men character analysis juror 8

The twelve jurors retire to the jury room, having been admonished that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Eleven of the jurors vote for conviction, each for reasons of his own. The sole holdout is Juror 8, played by Henry Fonda.

12 angry men character analysis juror 8

Eight" corresponds to an amiable, analytical, and intelligent man who is actually the only one who gives the accused the benefit of the doubt. He demonstrates the actual need for true justice by considering a person innocent until proved guilty.

12 angry men character analysis juror 8

Moreover, he is the first juror to show humanity throughout the play. The stage synopsis describes the character of Juror 8: He is a quiet, thoughtful gentleman who sees all sides of every question and constantly seeks the truth. He is a man of strength, tempered with compassion.

Above all, he is a man who wants justice to be done, and will fight to see that it is. This being mentioned, the play by Reginald Rose does not directly appoint a specific background, at least not for Juror Number Eight.

This is because this character is meant to act upon the mandates of his conscience and his idiosyncratic respect for human life as opposed to the rest of the jurors, whose votes are a direct consequence of their immediate backgrounds.

This is significant indeed, because it sets Juror Number Eight aside from the rest in that he is the only one that uses his brain and common sense, and not his schema, to emit a vote.

The evidence of this lays in that every other juror's background is defined in the play. Juror Number Seven is a brash salesman, Juror Number Eleven is a refugee from Europe who has suffered injustice, and then Juror Number Twelve works in advertisement and is a snob. Similarly, Rose points out how Juror Number Nine is a defeated man awaiting his death while Juror Number Ten is a passive-aggressive type man who just enjoys aggravating people.

Therefore, Juror Number Eight, with the description given above, calls for a man of deep character and enormous depth of thought and humanity.

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Although the play does not indicate the specific vocation of Juror No. In this alternative adaptation of the play, Juror No. Eight's profession is that of an architect. This is significant because it would explain why Juror No. Eight is so analytical, organized and compartmentalized in his thinking.

The film alternate version also points that this juror is actually a father of three which also would help explain why Eight, out of all the jurors, seems to have the most compassion for a nineteen year old defendant. However, the fact that the film version, which is also a classic, adds information about Juror Eight does not take away from the validity of the play's description.

If anything it helps to connect the missing dots that we may find in the script.In this lesson we will examine Juror 12 and his character in ''12 Angry Men''.

We will see how his peacemaking and wishy-washy nature affect the. A man of wealth and power, a man who presents himself well. brings up facts of the case frequently pages , , and a few examples. Originally voted Guilty but changed his mind when he hears the fact and opinions of the other Jurors.

12 angry men character analysis juror 8

Ideas for: 12 Angry Men The objective if this assignment is to focus on the film as it presents problems of communication and conflict.

The goal is to find the points in the film where the conflict becomes apparent, and to consider how the characters respond. Watch video · A sequence from 12 Angry Men, as seen in the original Studio One TV production, the film, and the TV Movie.

Juror #3: Franchot Tone Juror. Oct 09,  · Actors: Henry Fonda (Juror# 8), Lee J. Cobb (Juror# 3), Jack Warden (Juror# 7), and Jack Klugman (Juror# 5). Story: 12 men on a jury must decide if a young man is guilty of murder.

Plot: A young Puerto Rican man is on trial for the murder of his father. 12 men are sent to the jury room to decide if the man should be convicted or acquitted of. Below is an essay on "12 Angry Men - Juror 8 Monolouge" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

As I walk into the room and take my seat, I become aware of the other jurors appearing relaxed and confident of the certain vote “guilty”.

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